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Planned Maintenance

Take The Hassle Out Of Lift Truck Maintenance 

CAT Planned Maintenance (PM) is the only way to know for sure that your lift trucks are professionally maintained on a proper maintenance schedule. Quite simply, it's a program designed to extend the life of your lift trucks, while saving you time and money. By controlling maintenance costs, maximizing uptime, and reducing the need for in-plant services, a Cat Planned Maintenance Program can take you out of the lift truck maintenance business and reduce the overall operating costs of your lift truck fleet.

The Benefits Of Planned Maintenance

Proper Scheduling

With CAT Planned Maintenance, you won't have to worry about scheduling maintenance or unexpected downtime. Regular planned maintenance calls are scheduled in advance to avoid interference with your operating schedules.  Experienced CAT service technicians will regularly perform all periodic maintenance including fluid and lubricant checks for a predetermined rate. We'll even identify and fix potential problems before they become major difficulties.

Customized Service

CAT Planned Maintenance is not a one-size fits all program. We analyze your operations — including the number of hours you run your trucks and how hard they run. Then we recommend a PM schedule geared to your specific needs. Your lift trucks stay in top condition, extending the life of each machine, lowering their operating costs and ultimately resulting in higher trade-in values.

Skilled Technicians

We're lift truck experts. And it shows when our service technicians visit your operation. Whatever the make or model of your lift trucks, our factory-trained service technicians can inspect, diagnose and maintain them.  They have access to Cat's computerized service information and are backed with frequent technical bulletins. They constantly monitor maintenance costs, hours of usage, equipment condition and other factors that can affect lift truck performance.

Complete Service Vans

We've invested in the necessary maintenance tools, equipment and expertise so you don't have to. Our PM field service vans are fully stocked with everything necessary to quickly get your lift trucks back on the job — including Cat and competitive make PROMATCH parts, technical references and special diagnostic instruments. Our test equipment saves time, and can nip minor problems in the bud, before they become major failures.

Keep Your Lift Trucks On The Job

A practical, custom-tailored maintenance program is essential to keep your lift trucks out of the shop and on the job. Whether your business is large or small, or whether you purchase or lease your lift trucks, a CAT Planned Maintenance Program will ensure that your equipment is maintained per manufacturers' recommendations, so your lift trucks can perform at the level you have come to expect and demand.