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The Cat’s Out of the Bag.  Electric Riders Are More Powerful Than Ever Before

Decades of innovation in the lift truck industry have given us a new line of powerful Class I electric counterbalance riders.  Cat® Class I Electric Riders are capable of handling similar loads to comparable IC fuel-powered trucks, although this wasn’t always the case. Innovative technology brings the capability of these trucks above and beyond the performance of other warehouse equipment.

New Cat® electric forklifts are designed for just about every application possible. Cat’s® line of electric riders are dependable workhorses that are perfectly suited for wide array of tasks. From indoor warehouse application uses to the heavy lifting in the harshest working environments where you normally find IC engine machines. The models are available in five environmentally friendly models with lifting capacity ranging between 2,000 - 11,000 lbs.  

These latest pieces of equipment utilize innovative technology that save energy, increase productivity, while keeping your work environment clean and efficient. And as with all Cat Lift Truck products, they are built to last.

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Software That Helps You Understand Where Your Fleet Maintenance Dollars Are Being Spent

Do you know where every one of your fleet maintenance dollars are being spent? One of the most difficult aspects of managing any fleet maintenance program is understanding where you spend your maintenance budget and how it affects overall efficiency of your facility. MN Supply’s innovative fleet management software expertly organizes and displays this information allowing for enhanced decision-making leading to overall increase in efficiency.  

There are numerous ways fleet management can transform your business - from a financial standpoint to maximizing your business’s overall productivity. But, fleet management involves even more than that. As a business owner or manager, chances are you have a ton on your plate. The last thing you want to do is have to deal with your forklift fleet management and all that it entails; from maintenance, development, cost, and overall efficiency to complete optimization - MN Supply has you covered.

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CAT Counterbalance You Can Count On

MN Supply has been a trusted material handling equipment dealer for nine decades. In addition to other material handling equipment, the company offers a full line of Cat® counterbalanced lift trucks.

The heart-of-the-line counterbalance forklifts are the most commonly thought of lift trucks, with the weight of the rear of the truck offsetting the weight of the forks carrying its load.

The Cat counterbalance forklift equipment line includes three different types of forklift trucks: two engine powered lines –liquid propane gas (LPG) and diesel, along with the complete range of electric powered lift trucks.

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Watch and Share Cat® Lift Trucks’ Newest Video, Showing Common Forklift Mistakes.


MN Supply wants to remind you that safety should always be the number one priority when conducting material handling operations.  Fostering a culture of “safety first” goes a long way in protecting–not only lift truck operators, but also pedestrian staff and visitors in your facility.

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