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How to Increase Productivity by Investing in the EJE 120

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One of the biggest concerns with most electric walkie stackers is maneuvering around cramped spaces - whether that be in the warehouse, or even moving around a delivery truck. With the EJE 120 this concern is immediately dismissed. In fact, the machine has a crawl-speed button that makes these tight spaces much easier to manipulate. Several added features (such as stability casters and ramp rollback protection) really maximize smooth operation and eliminates concerns for the operator. Overall, the advanced manufacturing reduces the time spent with the machines themselves, giving workers added time to spend elsewhere.

The innovative technology used to advance this electric walkie stacker has made it one of the “smartest” machines available.

Energy Efficiency

But, not only is it “smart” - the EJE 120 is also built to be incredibly energy efficient. With one of the most advanced AC motors, Jungheinrich has drastically minimized energy consumption. There are actually multiple ways to revert energy back to the battery itself - from simple acts of braking and coasting, even. This efficiency really plays into the productivity as a whole, giving the machine the ability of extended run times and lessening the amount of time you’ll spend charging.


Often times safety is a large concern, especially when it comes to operating heavy machinery like this. But, remember how we talked about the EJE 120 being “smart?” One of its smartest capabilities is its auto-reverse button.

The auto-reverse button actually protects the operator from any dangerous contact that would occur when the machine is moving chassis. This adds protection for workers in the (unfortunate) event of an accidental collision - it even prevents it from happening altogether.

What About the Overall Cost?

We’re right there with you - owning equipment can get expensive. However, due to the advanced technology and capabilities of the EJE 120, the overall total cost of ownership is significantly lower over time compared to other electric machinery.

Besides the solid steel used to build the equipment, the EJE 120 was designed to eliminate any dust, grime, or moisture from hindering the lifetime (and performance) of the machine. In addition, the innovative AC motors don’t require any components that would need to be replaced over time, either.

All in all, you get an incredible electric walkie stacker from an extremely reliable German manufacturer with local servicing from MN Supply - and if you purchase now, you don’t have to pay any interest for 36 months! It’s the best time to replace your whole fleet, so what are you waiting for? Contact your local MN Supply representative before July 31st to take advantage of this offer.

** This unit comes with an industrial battery which should provide you with 5-7 years of fuel to run your pallet jack.


Most other competitors offer a battery pack with 4 Automotive type batteries which in most cases last less than two years, the cost of that type of unit could cost your company over $ 950.00 per year for the replacement of the expensive battery back.




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