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8 Tips To Share This National Forklift Safety Day

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At MN Supply, we want to ensure our customers are taking precautions when operating forklifts or material handling equipment. In light of National Forklift Safety Day, we wanted to share these safety tips to promote a safe and productive work place.

1. Inspect forklift before use.

Inspection should be conducted daily and/or before beginning each shift. Defects or needs for repairs will indicate whether it is safe to operate.

2. Always wear a seat belt.

No matter how often you get on and off the forklift, you must always wear a seatbelt. 

3. Look out for pedestrians.

People working around forklifts often assume that forklift operators can see them. Do not depend on pedestrians to avoid you. Make sure YOU look around while operating the machine

4. Do not allow anyone to walk close by while operating forklift.

If you swerve, hit a bump or an uneven surface, you might hit someone near by.

5. Use your horn at intersections, blind spots and door openings

You are approaching a blind spot and you have no idea who or what is around the corner. Regardless of your forklift having back-up alarms, strobe lights or mirrors, operators are required to slow down and use their horn at all intersections, blind spots and door openings.

6. Make sure your driving surface is free of spills or anything else that can cause your machine to slide, bump or become unbalanced.

Slow down when approaching spills or other wet surfaces. Avoid them if possible.

7. Never move more than a short distance with a raised load

Avoid turning with a raised load and always move very slowly when the load is raised. Remember the higher the load, the more unstable the forklift becomes.

8. Always pay attention

Do not allow yourself to become distracted while operating a forklift. This includes no ear buds, no reading, and no use of phones. Always stay completely focused on the operation of the machine. Even a moment’s distraction, can be fatal.

The 3rd Annual National Forklift Safety Day is being held June 14, 2016. The event held on Capitol Hill, is sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association to educate customers, the general public and government officials about the importance of forklift safety and operator training.

It is an opportune time to review forklifts safety at your company. Don’t forget that lift truck drivers also have to be authorized by the employer, licensed and trained to operate on the machine.  MN Supply offers OSHA compliant operator safety training. For more information or safety tips visit



  • Phil Emmerton Tuesday, 09 August 2016

    One more important suggestion to a forklift operator which is, never raise or lower the forklift unless the forklift is stopped or the break is set.

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